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Twelve believers of new converts who wanted to have a Church Fellowship with true meaning had gathered together for prayer and fellowship on the Christmas Day in the year 2004 at Bro. Natarajan’ s house. They were led by the Holy Spirit to conduct that gathering as Church Service. Bro Charles was leading the service that day. They all felt that this had to continue and started to gather regularly. God had begun to bless them abundantly and thus Maduravoyal Blessing Church came into existence. Following Bro. Charles, Bro. Mohan, Bro. Lenin Bro Ebenezer Bro. Martin were helping this Church one after another. But Bro. Natarajan is continuing as Deacon from the beginning. He is also Treasurer of this Church. He takes care of all day to day affairs of our Church. Then in January 2008 Pr. S. Sugirtharaj Founder Pastor of Christian Life Mission had become the full fledged Pastor of Maduravoyal Blessing Church. He was assisted by Bro Thiyagaraj ( 2009 and2010) and then Pastor Gnanasekar (2010and 2012.) Now Bro Caleb is the Assistant Pastor from May2012. “Christian Living and True Worshipping” is the motto of our Church. Now our Church membership is risen to 80. Our Church do not have a own land and Church Hall for our gathering. In Maduravoyal the cost of the land is very high and not affordable. But God is great. Our Church Deacon family came forward to give their Open Terrace in the third Floor for erecting a Worshipping Shed. So now our Church is functioning there only. Our Church has a strong Committee to look after the Administration of the Church. Pastor is the Chairman of the committee. Pastor directly takes care of the Spiritual activities. Both the Pastors regularly visit our Members House and give Spiritual Counseling. Our Treasurer is keeping all the Accounts very up to date. He keeps record of all receipts and expenditure.

About Our Pastor

I Samuel Sugirtharaj (aged 60) born in a Hindu family. Soon after my birth my parents became Christians. So I had the opportunity of enjoying Christian atmosphere from my early Childhood. During my early childhood my mother had dedicated me for God’s ministry.

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Sunday Service
Bible Study
Womens Fellowship
Cottage Prayer Meeting
Youth and Teens Meeting
Sunday School
Fasting Prayer

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OUR Ministries

Children Ministry
Youth Ministry
Women Ministry
Gospel Ministry

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