About Our Pastor

I Samuel Sugirtharaj (aged 60) born in a Hindu family. Soon after my birth my parents became Christians. So I had the opportunity of enjoying Christian atmosphere from my early Childhood. During my early childhood my mother had dedicated me for God’s ministry. While I was writing my Higher Secondary Examination I had typhoid fever, vomited on my Science Paper and could not complete my Mathematics paper. Hoping that I would fail, I made a decision that if I get through this exam I would serve the Lord. But it was a miracle in my life that I had passed in that exam with very minimum Marks. This made me to join a Bible College for one year. Here I accepted the Lord as my Savior and got Salvation experience. I obeyed the Lord and took Immersion Water Baptism and was filled with Holy Spirit in the year 1965. Then I continued my college studies. There I was attracted towards Communism and had actively participated in politics. During this time God spoke to me to leave Communism through a Bible Word found in Proverb 1: 14 – 16 " Throw in your lot with us, and we will share a common purse my son, do not set foot on their paths, for their feet rush into sin, they are swift to shed blood." Henceforth I began to look for the way of love, shown by Jesus.

In the year 1971 I had joined Government Service and continued to serve the Lord as part time. I was District Coordinator for a fast growing Missionary Movement Blessing Youth Mission from 1971 to 1980. Then I published and edited a Christian Newspaper titled Christian Express up to 1994 . In the year 1991 I left the Government Job and had begun to plant Churches. I was led by the Lord to start ministry in Minjur, a suburb north of Chennai, South India. This was an Alcoholic prone area. But the Lord began to intervene in many peoples lives and many were converted to Christianity. Now we have three Churches in this area. I also teach Bible to Young Ministers equipping them future leaders. In the year 2000 we started holistic Community development service through Women Self Help Groups with the aim of eradicating poverty and alcoholism and make women self reliant and lead them to Christ. We give Income Generating Training like Computer, Tailoring, Food Processing, Toy Making etc. They were given Micro Credit by Banks and had encouraged them to start Micro Enterprises. Now we have 550 Self Help Groups (each group consist of 15 to 20 members) . By the power of God we have achieved success of eradicating poverty in more than 7500 families. I have ministered in North East India and Uganda. I find Christians are reeling in poverty in these areas. I wish to start Self Help Group Programme in these areas to bail them out from poverty. Pastor Samuel Sugirtharaj .